Forest Kerala Private Forests (Vesting and Assignment) Act, 1971. Vested forests cannot be assigned without the approval of Central Government.

Irrespective of what is provided in Sec.10 of the State Act, 1971, all such forests which are vested in the State Government by reason of the conditions of Section. 3 (1) of the said Act cannot be assigned except with the prior approval of the Central Government as a result of the overriding provision contained in Sec. 2 of the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. .[ Nature Lovers Movement vs State of Kerala. 2002 (2) KLT 881 : ILR 2003 (1) Ker 6 : AIR 2002 Ker 18 . B.N.Sreekrishna (CJ) & G.Sivarajan (J)]