Constitution of India Art. 21 The expression "life" no longer means mere animal existence or continued drudgery, but includes the finer graces of human civilization. Necessity of checking preventing pollution stressed.

Cement godown in a shopping complex near a residential area. Compelling citizens to inhale obnoxious dust (fine powder of asbestoes) which can led to serious form of lung disease "asbestosis" amounts to deprivation of his life through the process of deprivation may not be quick yet it is slow but certain. Forcing a person to live in sub-human conditions also amounts to the taking away of their life, not by execution of death sentence, but by slow and gradual process by which robbing him of his human qualities and graces, a process which is more cruel than sending a man to the gallows. [ Antony vs Commr. Corporation of Cochin. 1994 (1) KLT 169. K.Narayana Kurup (j)]