Directive Principles - Enforcement - Jurisdiction under Art.32 cannot be invoked.

PIL seeking a direction to the Union of India and State Government to enforce policy of total prohibition and to impose restrictions on manufacture, sale and consumption of intoxicating drinks and declare the State Excise rule void and unconstitutional. Court held that the petition not maintainable as it sought to enforce Directive Principles under Art.47 instead of Fundamental right. To make the State accept a particular policy, desirable and necessary as the policy might be is not the function of Art.32. Art.32 is not the nest for all the bees in the bonnet of "public spirited persons". [B.Krishna Bhat vs Union of India. (1990) 3 SCC 65 : 1990 (2) JT 34 : 1990 (1) Scale 653 : 1990 (2) SCR 1.  Sabyasachi Mukherji and M.M.Punchi (JJ) . ]