Justice P.D.Dinakaran.

 Bombay Burma Trading Corporation vs. Field Director .

Restriction on entry in sanctuary that vehicles shall not ply between 6.P.M. and 6.A.M. has been challenged before the Madras HC. The court held that once a particular area is declared and notified as a wild life sanctuary any private right of a person should be subjected to the object of the Act. The right to use the roads in the sanctuary is subject to area is subject to the conditions that could be imposed by the Chief Wild Life Warden or the officers authorized by him, as they are empowered to impose such reasonable restrictions and conditions in the matter f entry and use of roads in the sanctuary area, taking into consideration the security of the wild animal in the sanctuary, preservation of the sanctuary and wild animals therein and keeping the interest of wild animals therein and keeping the interest of wild life and their habits, such as grazing and movement into consideration. In which case, the restriction imposed that they should ply their vehicles between 6A.M. and 6.P.M. in order to achieve the above object , cannot be complained as arbitrary and unreasonable or innocuous the court held.