Chief Justice Arijit Pasayat & JusticeK.S.Radhakrishnan

Monday, the 3rd April, 2000/14th Chaithra, 1922.

O.P.NO     2 4 0 0 7     1999-G

A.V. Krishnan Moosad  Vs. The Government of Kerala and other

This O.P. having been finally heard along with O.P.No.1569/99 on 3-4-2000, the Court on the same day delivered the following:-


1.. These two original petitions essentially involve common prayers in the sense that they are really applications seeking prevention of cruelty to animals.

2. In the counter affidavit filed in O.P.No.1569 of 1999 it has been stated that necessary statutory prescriptions are contained in the Kerala Pachayat Raj Act and the Kerala Municipalities Act.  It is also submitted that within the para metres of the statutory prescriptions relating to prevention of cruelty to animals, action is being taken.  Learned counsel for petitioners submitted that the prayers for directions as contained in the original petitions may be treated as suggestions to the State Government so that they can explore the possibility of making suitable provisions.  In paragraph 9 of the counter affidavit it has been stated that the police officials have to take action under the Prevention of Cruelty  to animals Act.  A combined effort of all the statutory authorities to prevent cruelty to animals would be appropriate.  Let the Government consider the suggestions given by the petitioners, and the necessity of passing executive orders/taking legislative actions may be considered in the proper perspective.  It is brought to our notice that ghastly acts of killing animals are being seen by the children of tender age.  This no doubt leaves a bad impact on the minds of young children.  As far as practicable the killing/slaughtering of animals should be done in a place where children are not exposed to such slaughtering/killing.  That would prevent unnecessary adverse impacts on the impressionable minds of children.  The State authorities should ensure that such preventive actions as are necessary in the matter are taken.

Original Petitions are disposed of as indicated above.

(ARIJIT PASAYAT). Chief Justice


                                                                  Sd/-(K.S. RADHAKRISHNAN). Judg