Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 Secs. 26A, 35 Sanctuaries and National Parks Permitting villagers to collect tendu leaves Notification declaring the area as sanctuary is not issued.

The procedure in regard to acquisition of rights in and over the land to be included in a Sanctuary or National Park has to be followed before a final notification is issued by the State Government . Therefore the order of the State Government permitting the villagers living in or around the proposed parks/sanctuaries to enter park/sanctuary and collect tendu leaves could not therefore be aid to violate any provision of the Act. [Pradeep Krishnen vs Union of India. 1996 (8) SCC 599 : AIR 1996 SC 2040: 1996 (4) SCALE 566 : 1996 (5) JT 181: 1996 (4) Supreme 270 . A.M.Ahmadi (CJ), B.LHansaria and S.C.Sen (J))]