Loud speaker - Guidelines for use - Marriage, Temples, Churches and mosques.

For functions like marriages, birthday celebrations, house-warming and the like, only box type loudspeakers should be permitted to be used and horn type sound amplifier will continue to the house or halls, where such functions are held. In temples, churches and mosques also, box type sound amplifier alone should be permitted. The call for prayer (Azan) in the mosque is only of one minute's duration and as such this restriction may be relaxed in that case. For religious discourses, playing of devotional songs, Friday sermons in the mosque and also other ceremonies and functions in the Churches, the above rule should be strictly enforced. The use of loud speakers in the street and vehicles must be avoided as far as possible. All air-horns and high-horns have become a great source of sound pollution. Under no circumstances, sound amplifiers shall be permitted to be used between 10.00.p.m and 6.00.A.M. [Sreekumara Varma Raja vs State of Kerala. O.P.No. 9560 /1988. Dated 5-11-1992. {P.K.Shamsuddin. (J)]. But in appeal , it was held that this decision is not a good law in view of the new Noise (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000