Locus Standi - Creation of a new District by executive order - Any citizen in the State can challenge the same under Art.226 of the constitution.

Any citizen in the State should be able to question any illegal or ultra vires action of the Government. Before intervening in nay such manner, the court will exercise that discretion vested in it by the law and the constitution only taking the relevant factors like the nature of the harm that might be the consequence of the impugned action, the difficulties that might crop up consequent on the courts' decision in the matter, the extent and nature of the complainants' interest in the matter made before the court. [Madhusoodhanan Nair vs Governor. 1983 KLT 43 = 1983 KLN 53 . P.Subramonian Poti (Ag.CJ) & Chandrasekhara Menon (J)]