Locus Standi - Petition by a Society seeking judicial review of administrative action in order to avoid an environmental disaster due to ecological imbalance and devastation of major portion of forest land. Petitioner has locus standi.

The rule of law constitutes the core of our constitution and it is the essence of the rule of law that the exercise of the power by the State whether it be the legislature or the executive or any other authority should be within the constitutional limitations and if any practice is adopted by the executive which is in flagrant and systematic violation of its constitutional limitations, petitioner as a member of the public would have sufficient interest to challenge such practice by filing a writ petition. [Nature Lovers Movement vs State of Kerala. ILR 2000 (1) Kerala 677 (FB) P.A.Mohammed, G.Sivarajan and M.R.Hariharan Nair (JJ).]