Locus Standi - Who can file Public Interest Litigation - Judges Transfer –Legal wrong and legal injury by violation of constitutional right – Even a letter petition can be entertained – any member of the public can maintain a petition.

Judges of the High Court transferred. Public-spirited lawyers move the Court. Where a legal wrong or legal injury is caused to a person or to determinate class of persons by reason of violation of any constitutional or legal right or any burden is imposed in contravention of any constitutional or legal provision or without authority of law or any such legal wrong or legal injury or illegal burden is threatened and such person or determinate class of person is by reason of disadvantaged position, unable to approach the court for relief, any member of the public can maintain an application for an appropriate direction, or order or writ, in High Court under Art.226, and in case of breach of any fundamental right in the Supreme Court under Art.32 of the Constitution seeking judicial redress for such legal injury. The Court will readily respond to even a letter address by such individual acting pro bono publico. The court has to innovate new methods and device new strategies for the purpose of providing access to justice to large masses of people who are denied their basic human rights and to whom freedom and liberty has not meaning. [S.P.Gupta Vs Union of India. AIR 1982 SC 149 = 1981 (Supp) SCC 87. P.N.Bhagawati, Fazal Ali, V.D.Tulzapurkar, D.A.Desai, R.S.Pathak , E.S.Venkitramiah and A.C.Gupta {JJ}. ] see earlier decisions also(1986) 4 SCC 753 = (1987) 3 SCC 304= (1992) 2 SCC 202.]