Locus standi - Allotment of Industrial plots - PIL by persons actively engaged in social work on behalf of small entrepreneurs proposing to start new industries.

When the small entrepreneurs were asked for their small requirements, the allotment of vast extent of land in favour of respondent alone by the Board would not be justifiable. Bulk allotment without inviting applications or notifying the public, that too at a very low price , smacks of colorable exercise of power on the part of the Board. Arbitrary exercise of power is glaring. Petition being filed in public interest cannot be said to have no locus standi to file the petition. [ S.P.Gururaja v. Executive Member. AIR 1998 Kant 223 = ILR 1998 Kar 1212 = 1998 (3)Kant LJ 223. R.P.Sethi {C.J}, V.Gopala Gowda {J}]