Locus standi Assignment of Government Land to private persons

Kerala Land Assignment Rules 2 (c) , 11 & 12 Assignment of government land to private persons - Government cannot exercise the power arbitrarily - Power can be exercised only in conformity with the guidelines . In case where authorities are taking steps to assign government property to private persons discarding and by-passing statutory inhibitions and mandatory provisions a petition brought under Art.226 of the Constitution to interdict the perpetuation of the illegality and resultant injury to public cannot be thrown overboard by conducting an investigation into the juristic existence of the petitioner . In such cases, petitioners' role get transformed into that of a mere informant enabling the court to take cognizance of the issue. [Youth Voice Arts Social & Cultural Organisation vs. State of Kerala and others, 2001 (3) KLT 909 = 2001(2) KLJ 761.  [K.K.Denesan (J)]