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Wetland - Importance of and part played in proper maintenance of environmental equilibrium and necessity to preserve environment-Environment and development - Court should strike a balance.

Wetland being a bounty of nature does have a significant role to play in the proper development of the society-be it from environmental perspective or from economic perspective. Wetland is precious, wetland ensures to the benefit of the society at large and wetland assists mankind to live in a cleaner and purer environment-which one cannot afford to lose neither the Court of can lend assistance to contra-belief or contra action of a State Agency. Wetland acts as a benefactor to the society and there cannot be any manner of doubt in regard thereto and as such encroachment thereto would be detrimental to the society, which is the Law Courts, cannot permit. Therefore, injunction granted against proposed reclamation of wetland situated near Calcutta. It is now a well-settled principle of law that while dealing with the matter, the social problems shall have to be dealt with in the way and in the manner it calls for, since benefit to the society ought to be the prime consideration of the Law Courts and ecological imbalance being a social problem ought to be decided by a court of law so that the society may thrive and prosper without any affection.

[People United for Better Living in Calcutta-Public and another vs. State of West Bengal and others. AIR 1993 Calcutta 215. Mesh Chandra Bemire.(J) ]