Wetland plays important part in proper maintenance of environmental equilibrium. For maintaining ground water the wet lands are important.

The necessity to preserve the said wetlands have been very elaborately dealt with by the Calcutta High Court . From 20,000 acres the Calcutta wetlands gradually shrunk to 10,000 acres out of private initiative. Substantial areas have been reclaimed and the sprawling metropolis under the name of Salt Lake City being satellite township area of Calcutta exists. The wetlands have also been used for pisiculture, agriculture, garbage, dumping of solid wastes, horticulture on garbage dump. In view of the importance of the wet lands the Caluctta High Court has granted an injunction against proposed reclamation of wetland situated near Calcutta. The court also restrained the change of user of the land from agriculture to residential or commercial in wetland area. All encroachments to be stopped and maintain the ecology of the area, the Court directed.